Splendid Mountain Retreat – House Guide


Check-in Time

Check-in is 4:00pm unless an Early Check-in Upgrade was purchased.

Access Codes

Front Door, Alarm, and Garage Access Codes provided by Host after signing Property Waiver.

Instructions on how to use the Alarm can be found here: How to Arm and Disarm.


Please do a walk-through of the property upon arrival and notify us of any problems, questions, or concerns immediately by phone or text.

Instruction Booklets

PDF versions of instruction booklets for all devices and amenities are available


There are 3 outside-facing Ring cameras that are disabled when the Alarm is disabled.

  • Camera 1: Ring Doorbell at Front Door
  • Camera 2: Inside Camera pointing at the Hot Tub from a Living Room window
  • Camera 3: Inside Camera pointing out to the Patio
  • You may unplug Camera 2 and 3 for the duration of your stay if desired.
High-Speed Wireless Internet

WiFi is provided by a QR code available inside the property.

Hot Tub

Please turn up to 100-102 upon arrival and give the hot tub several hours to warm up.

Rinse all lotions off before using the hot tub and follow the posted safety rules.

Keep the hot tub covered anytime you are not using it.

Outdoor Lights

The front porch light is always left on. Please leave the switch cover intact.

The deck fairy lights are controlled by Alexa. Say, “Alexa turn on the fairy lights”.

All other outdoor lights are on Alexa-controlled timers and the switches have covers on them. Please leave covers intact.

Phone and Cell Service

Only Verizon service is available from Farmington to Arnold, so please print out directions if needed.

A landline is available in the Loft for making Domestic calls.

What’s Provided

Toiletries and Bath

Towels. wash cloths, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner are available. Please reuse your towels, especially if you have a large party traveling with you


The kitchen is stocked with dinnerware, utensils, and cooking supplies. Paper plates and plastic utensils are also available in the pantry. Please do not leave any food items behind.

Streaming TV Service

For regular TV Service use the DirecTV Stream app on the TVs. You are welcome to use any of the other streaming apps. They are already logged in with our accounts.

Propane for Outdoor Heater and Outdoor Grill

Propane canisters are provided but their fill status is on a best-effort basis. If the canisters are empty you may take them to Ace Hardware in Arnold for trade-in.


Trash bags are located under the kitchen sink.

There is no local trash service in the area due to wildlife concerns.

Please either haul your trash home for disposal or take it, along with your Rental Reservation, to the Avery Recycling and Disposal Station. The facility is open 7am-4pm Friday-Tuesday.


Check-out Time

Check out time is 11:00am. No late checkouts are permitted unless approved and purchased in advance of your stay.


Strip dirty linens from used beds and place on the mattress.

Fireplace and Propane

If you used the wood burning fireplace, please empty the ash from the lower tray outside.

Ensure all propane tanks are off. Notify host of any empty canisters.

Sauna and Hot Tub

If you used the Sauna, make sure it is turned off.

Set the Hot Tub to 90 degrees (or less) and secure the cover.


Please either haul your trash home for disposal or take it to the Avery Recycling and Disposal Station.